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Bétøn is a modular music project, where its members are neither fixed nor defined.

Inspired by "Musique Concrète", the starting point are audio recordings and samples taken from everyday life.

To this base, synthesizers, drum machines and other instruments are added; a fusion of textures and sounds.

From these raw materials three musicians and one visual artist will compose something entirely live, full of risk, and unlimited in potential.

Andri Søren Haflidason, Brice Deloose, Francois Gaspard and Rachid Moro are versatile artists that have performed at Ancienne Belqique, Botanique, Dour, Fuse, MIMA, Recyclart, and TEDx, amongst others.

Francois (Palsembleu, Glü, Antilux) is known for his mastery of modular synthesis, even building and constructing his own synthesizers (Shakmat Modular), Brice (Sparkling Bits, Pattrn) studied acousmatic music and teaches at the SAE Institute, Rachid (Airem) is a new media artist, creating audiovisual installations in both clubs and museums, and Andri (sonøren) is a musician and audiovisual artist known for his diverse live performances.

All 4 are members of the music collective FTRSND ("future sound") based in Brussels, from which many other projects have been born; Brussels Electronic Marathon (BEM), Initiate, WRKSHP, The Lab and more.