Carla Diana


Designer and educator

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Carla Diana is a designer, author and educator who explores the impact of future technologies through hands-on experiments in product design and tangible interaction.

She has designed a range of products from robots to connected home appliances, and her robot designs have appeared on the covers of Popular ScienceTechnology Review and the New York Times Sunday Review.

She is a faculty member in the Integrated Product Design program at the University of Pennsylvania where she has created some of the country’s first courses on designing smart objects, and an ongoing collaborator with the Socially Intelligent Machines Lab at the University of Texas, Austin.

She writes and lectures frequently on the social impact of robotics and emerging technology and created the world’s first children’s book on 3D printing, LEO the Maker Prince.

Her seminal essay, “Talking, Walking Objects”, is a good representation of her view of our robotic future.